Monero is the largest and most popular privacy-preserving cryptocurrency.

Unlike other coins, Monero allows you to buy goods and services without exposing your entire finances to large corporations, foreign governments, and everyone else on the internet.

It promotes human rights, protecting those with the most to lose - such as journalists or citizens under oppressive regimes.

It’s totally decentralized and run by a passionate community, not corporations or “foundations”.

It is the ultimate cypherpunk currency.

Members of the Monero community have crowdfunded enough XMR to buy three Tesla Model 3 cars.

If Tesla adds support to buy its cars with Monero, these cars will be given away to non-profit organizations that can use them to help others.

For Non-Profits

Tweet a link to this page and encourage your community to like and RT. The three 501(c)(3) (or corresponding status for non-profits outside the US) non-profits with good social media engagement and are liked by the Monero community will each be awarded a car if and when Tesla adds support for Monero purchases. Tweets must include the words “Monero” and #Tesla4XMR, as well as a link to this landing page.

Here’s an example tweet to get you started:

We support Monero's mission of financial privacy and freedom. Help us get a Tesla Model 3 by liking/RT this tweet. We are all Cypherpunks! #Tesla4XMR #Monero

For Everyone Else

Tweet your favorite non-profits and send them the link to this website, as well as encourage them to tweet it!

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